Las Torres de Cotillas 9th Activity - Bicycle Route

 An entire morning enjoying cycling in Las Torres de Cotillas. That was what the European project 'Do-U-Sport' offered on Sunday the 15th of April in its ninth day at the 'Paco Rabal' Park. With the slogan 'Sustainable mobility' hundreds of people participated in this activity for the whole family, which had free registration. "There were games on bicycles, a  medium-intensity bicycle route and workshops, such as the repair and maintenance of bicycles," explains Mayor Isabel María Zapata.

"Every day of this project is a success and we are very happy with the results," says the Councilor for Physical Activity and Sports Ginés Pérez, whose area coordinated this activity in which 'Ciclos Sarabia' collaborated. This was the ninth Just Try It event in the municipality of the project 'Do-U-Sport'.

Las Torres de Cotillas 8th Activity - Outdoor Sports (11/03/18)

Hundreds of people, young and old, have gathered in the morning of Sunday, March 11th, in the Constitution Park of Las Torres de Cotillas to participate in the 'Outdoor Sports' event organized by the Department of Physical Activity and Sports in collaboration with 'Codima Sport'. Framed in the European project 'Do-U-Sport', the attendees have enjoyed urban sports such as football 3 × 3, goalball, parkour, rugby tag, jugger, shuttleball ... "It has been a fun day of coexistence and sport for all members of the family, a healthy leisure alternative of free participation for all, "says the mayor Isabel María Zapata, who has attended the event with the councilor the Ginés Pérez. "We would like to thank the collaboration of the school 'Divino Maestro' and especially the students of 3 and 4 of Secondary, and Physical Education teachers," says the mayor. 

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Las Torres de Cotillas 7th Activity - Urban Gymkhana (25/02/18)

About 150 people of all ages, divided into 17 teams, participated in the morning of Sunday, February 25th in the Urban Gymkhana that was held in Las Torres de Cotillas within the framework of the European project 'Do-U-Sport'. "It was a test open to the public, in which we have the inestimable collaboration of the 'Ithaca' scout group" explains the mayor Isabel María Zapata.

Games of precision, cooperation, physical ability, sensory skills or knowledge about the town were some of the tests faced by participants across the length and breadth of the municipality. "We saw many families and groups of friends having a great time in a morning of sport for all," says Councilor for Youth, Physical Activity and Sports, Ginés Pérez. "The starting point was the Center for Young Artists and the tests were developed throughout the municipality, such as in the squares Adolfo Suárez, Huertano or the old City Hall, the Parque de la Constitución, the Fernández Jara promenade, the sports center ..." , says the mayor. 

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Las Torres de Cotillas 5th Activity "Zumbaila" (03/12/17)

'Zumbaila'. That was the title of the fifth activity of the European project 'Do-U-Sport', which took place in Las Torres de Cotillas on the morning of last Sunday, December 3. A day of dance organized by the Department of Youth, Physical Activity and Sports in the 'Parque de la Emisora', with the collaboration of 'Brodguay Performing Arts',' Vicky Fitness & Mind ',' Datuca ',' Academia de Danza Víctor Campos ',' Kimera ',' State Sport Group Las Torres' and 'Diamoray Jamouray'. "Zumba is an emerging sport, fun and constantly expanding, a fitness discipline that is fashionably focused on the one hand to maintain a healthy body and on the other to develop, strengthen and give flexibility to the body through dance movements combined with a series of aerobic routines, "says the councilor of the area, Ginés Pérez.

3rd International Debates - Las Torres de Cotillas (Spain)

On the 22nd November 2017, the 3rd European Debates of the project DO-U-SPORT? took place in the Local Cultural Centre of Las Torres de Cotillas (Spain). The Conference was opened by the 3 international team partners involved in the project (Las Torres de Cotillas, Tábua and Mielec) which made a brief presentation of the municipalities, involvement with physical activity and sports clubs and associations and Just Try It activities completed so far.


Once the opening act was finished it was time for the presentations to start.

 3rd International Debates Agenda

1. Presentation of the "Activa Program" by Mr.Francisco Javier López Román./Director of the Activa Program.

2. "Program of Sport and Social Integration between the departments of Social Services and the Department of Youth, Physicial Activity and Sports of the City Hall" by Ms. Rebeca Alcántara López.

3. "Presentation of the Municipal Sports Medicine Cabinet" by Mr. José Serna Fuentes/ Head of the Municipal Medicine Cabinet.

4. Project "We improve together through the game AFES-TAFAD" by the students of 2nd year of TAFAD "Salvador Sandoval" coordinated by their teacher MS. Amparo García Barberá.

5."Sports in diabetes". Not only possible: essential. by Dr .Javier González Pérez./Diabetologist and Medical Adviser SODICAR.

6."The practice of physical activity and its influece on the physical condition of adults with some cardiovascular risk factor" by Mr. Eliseo García Cantó and Mr. Guillermo López Sánchez/ Professors of the University of Murcia.

7. "Aquatic therapy of a parallel world" by Ms. Begoña Atenza Crevillen/ Monitor of the Pure Heart Association.

8. "Biomechanical study as a starting point towards the integral health of the cyclist" by Mr. Pedro José López Sánchez./ Manager of ERGOBIKE and President of the Thriathlon Club.

9. Latest sports trends in Las Torres de Cotillas:

9.1 Rugby / Mr. Rodrigo Martinez (Responsible for Las Torres Rugby Club)

9.2 Skating / Ms. Cristina Cruzado (responsible for Roller Queen)

9.3 Parkour / Axel Dupre (Head of the Parkour School)

*Interviews to Ginés Pérez, Youth, Physical Activity and Sports Councillor of Las Torres City Hall And Mario Amaro, DOUSPORT? project coordinator and Tábua's representative.

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